Accredited Church Program


·         If you are booking a ceremony through a church, which we are accredited with, you will have the option of having The Riverside Ensemble play with Church Organist/Keyboardist and/or Singers/Cantors for no additional fee. 

A listing of these churches is available by request.

 ·         Please be advised of the following:

In the above scenario you may request to have The Riverside Ensemble play the prelude, ceremonial, and recessional music with or without these additional musicians. 


In most situations Church Organists also play keyboard, sing and play. 

You will need to specify which instrument you will be using for each piece or song.


If you choose more than one church singer to perform during the ceremony, you need to indicate whom you have chosen for each song.


The Riverside Ensemble will coordinate with the accredited church.  You must fill out the Your Musical Selection form in this packet, as well as the Church’s Music selection forms.  Please specify on their form that you have chosen The Riverside Ensemble to play your wedding.  


Program Repertoire


These selected songs are available through any of The Riverside Ensembles Groups.  We will combine our musicians with the church’s musicians. 


Some selections are strictly instrumental, Therefore we would combine The Riverside Ensemble to the Church Keyboardist or Organist. 


Some selections are instrumental and vocal, Here again we would combine The Riverside Ensemble to the church’s singers/cantors and instrumentalists.  All these arrangements work well with any combination. 


 You also have the option of choosing any other selection from our standard Repertoire List, but the church organist/keyboardist and/or Vocalists will not join The Riverside Ensemble.


Please be aware that many churches do not provide extensive Prelude and Postlude music.  It is customary for The Riverside Ensemble to play these without the church’s musicians.  You may choose those selections from the Wedding Suggestions and Question packet.


An instrumental interlude may be added in the ceremony.  Please consult with the Priest or Music minister for appropriate places in the ceremony. 


Music Selections

Processional Music

Responsorial Psalm

Song at the Vow or Presentation of the Table




Processional Music

1.         Canon in D                                  Pachelbel                       instrumental

2.         Trumpet Voluntary                    Clark                               instrumental

3.         Trumpet Tune                             Purcell                            instrumental

4.         Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring      Bach                               instrumental

5.         Bridal Chorus                              Wagner                          instrumental

6.         Air from Water Music                Handel                           instrumental


Responsorial Psalm

  1.             Psalm 33 “Happy Are The People”                              instrumental and vocal

  2.           Psalm 34 “Taste and See”                                                instrumental and vocal

  3.             Psalm 103 “The Lord Is Kind and Merciful”               instrumental and vocal

  4.           Psalm 128 “Blest Are Those Who Love You”             instrumental and vocal

5.           Wherever You Go   (Haas)                                             instrumental and vocal

6.           Wherever You Go    (Nobert)                                         instrumental and vocal

7.           All I ask of You                                                                            instrumental & vocal or just instrumental

8.           The Prayer                                                                         instrumental & vocal or just instrumental


Song at the Vows or Presentation Of The Table

1.           The Wedding Song                                                         instrumental and vocal

2.           Wherever You Go   (Haas)                                             instrumental and vocal

3.           Wherever You Go   (Nobert)                                          instrumental and vocal

4.           All I Ask Of You                                                              instrumental and vocal

5.           I Have Loved You                                                           instrumental and vocal

6.           Irish Wedding Song                                                       instrumental and vocal

7.           Draw Me Close                                                                instrumental and vocal

8.           You Are Mine                                                                  instrumental and vocal

9.           Here I Am                                                                          instrumental and vocal

10.         I Give My Life To You                                                     instrumental and vocal

11.         Ave Maria (flowers to the Blessed Mother)                                  instrumental & vocal or just instrumental   

12.         Hail Mary Gentle Woman (flowers to the Blessed Mother)       instrumental and vocal



1.           Here I am                                                                           instrumental and vocal

2.           The Supper Of The Lord                                                instrumental and vocal

3.           Behold The Lamb                                                            instrumental and vocal

4.           I Am The Bread Of Life                                                  instrumental and vocal

5.           How Beautiful                                                                 instrumental and vocal

6.           One Bread, One Body                                                    instrumental and vocal

7.           I Have Loved You                                                          instrumental and vocal

8.           Gift Of Finest Wheat                                                      instrumental and vocal

9.           Panis Angelicus                                                                          instrumental & vocal or just instrumental



1.           Ode To Joy                          Bach                                    instrumental

2.           Trumpet Voluntary             Clark                                    instrumental

3.           Hornpipe                             Handel                                instrumental

4.           Trumpet Tune                     Purcell                                   instrumental

5.           Wedding March                 Mendelssohn                      instrumental

6.             Le Rondeau                        Mouret                                 instrumental