Contract Form

This Form is here for ease and convenience.  Please fill out the form and then print the next page, and sign it and mail a copy to the address on the bottom of the page.  Please note this not a binding contract until after the contractor has signed and mail you a copy in return.  This is a just an inquiry.  Please also print two copies of this form one to mail and the other to keep in your personal records.

Please provide the following contact information:

First Name
Last Name
Home Phone

Choose one of the following options:

Violin & Cello Duo
Flute & Cello Duo
String Trio (Two Violins & Cello)
String Trio (Violin, Viola, Cello)
Flute Trio (Flute, Violin, & Cello)
Flute Trio (Flute, Viola, & Cello)
String Trio with a Vocalist (Voice, Two Violins & Cello)
String Trio with a Vocalist (Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello)
Flute Trio with a Vocalist (Voice, Flute, Violin, & Cello)
Flute Trio with a Vocalist (Voice, Flute, Viola, & Cello)
String Quartet
Flute Quartet

Choose one of the following options:

Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Wedding Reception
Cocktail Hour
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Corporate Function
Holiday Party

If other please specify:

Enter the date of the event:

-- dd/mm/yy

For Ceremonies Only (Weddings)

Time of Ceremony:

-- Please type in am/pm

Time Begin Playing:

-- Please type in am/pm

Time of End Playing (Approximately):

-- Please type in  am/pm

Location of Ceremony:

For All Other Events

Begin Playing:

-- Please type in  am/pm

End Playing:

-- Please type in  am/pm

Location of Event:

(Please leave the next sections blank, you will be mailed a copy with this information filled in or contacted by phone  Please Sign it however)

Total Fee for all services:

Deposit Paid

Date of Deposit Paid:

-- mm/dd/yy

Remaining Balance:

Overtime Clause:

I agree to pay the Overtime Fees of  $  25 per 15 minutes per musician

(excluding Wedding Ceremonies or Cocktail Hour extensions due to a late ending Ceremony)


Payment Terms: Check payable to The Riverside Ensemble due in full on or before date of services.

Deposit: A nonrefundable deposit of 50% is required to reserve a date.



*Cancellation must be given two weeks in advance. Failure to notify us of cancellation in writing will result in the obligation on the part of the purchaser to honor the signed contract.

*Outdoor weddings are taken on a weather-permitting basis. We cannot play in the rain as our instruments would suffer unreasonable damage. Outdoor weddings need to have a rain site planned in case of inclement weather. Another consideration is that we must have adequate protection from direct sunlight when playing outdoors. Most parks have a gazebo or an arbor. We need to position ourselves under the shade of the gazebo/arbor. Again, this is to protect our valuable instruments.

*For services other than Wedding Ceremonies, the musicians will take a ten minute break each hour. These breaks may be taken all at once. Breaks will be reasonably timed in order to work well with the flow of the event.




Client:__________________________________________________        Date Signed:                         


Vincent Moncada: ________________________________________ Date Signed:                         



Please make a copy and mail to: 

The Riverside Ensemble

230 Downes Avenue

Staten Island, New York 10312

Samuel Foster Gouldthorpe.
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Revised: July 15, 2002